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For children turning 4 years old during year enrolled

Our Nursery 2 programmes cater to children between the ages of 4 and 5 years old. The main learning objectives of the programme include:

  • Language and literacy development: Children continue to develop their reading and writing skills, and learn to read and write simple words and sentences.
  • Numeracy: Children continue to develop their understanding of numbers, counting, and basic math concepts, such as addition and subtraction.
  • Social and emotional development: Children learn to work in groups, follow rules, and develop their self-esteem and self-awareness.
  • Cognitive development: Children learn to think critically, make connections, and solve problems.
  • Physical development: Children continue to engage in gross and fine motor activities, such as climbing, jumping, running, and drawing.
  • Self-care: Children continue to learn to take care of themselves, such as dressing themselves, washing their hands, and brushing their teeth.
  • Creativity and self-expression: Children continue to learn to express themselves through art, music, and movement, and to engage in imaginative play.
  • Early science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) concepts: Children learn about the world around them through observation, experimentation, and inquiry-based activities.
  • Cultural and environmental awareness: Children learn about different cultures and the world around them, and how to care for the environment.