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Ocean Odyssey Extravaganza Open House – 4 November 2023

Visit our Open House event on the 4th of November to learn more about our school, its curriculum and meet the wonderful teachers who are dedicated to illuminate your child’s learning journey with knowledge and fun activities. Fly with Sunbird and enjoy special enrolment perks!

The Importance of Exercising in Children

In today’s fast-paced digital world, it is easy for children to become engrossed in screens, sedentary activities, and a lack of physical exercise. However, as parents, it’s important to recognise exercise’s profound impact on our children’s brain development and overall well-being.

Healthy Nutrition for Preschoolers

During the preschool years, children experience rapid physical and cognitive development, hence the importance in providing them with a well-balanced diet. But what is a good nutrition fort preschoolers?

5 Ways You Can Help With Your Child’s Self-Esteem

This article will go through knowledge about self-esteem in children, how it is developed, and 5 effective ways parents can do to help build a child’s self-esteem.

A Problem Child – A Child or A Problem?

Addressing Behavioural Challenges in Preschoolers & Strategies for Positive Change

Open House – 16 September 2023

Visit our Open House event on 16 September to enjoy special enrolment perks!

Teachers’ Day Appreciation Wall 2023

Your appreciation for their teaching efforts mean the world to them! Drop a thank you note for your teachers here.

Open House – 1 July 2023

Visit our Open House event on 1 July to enjoy special enrolment perks!

Open House – 27 May 2023

Visit our Open House event on 27 May to enjoy special enrolment perks!

How Important is Early Childhood Education?

Early childhood education is crucial for laying the groundwork for your child’s later success

How to help your child build social skills

Preschool social skills depend on a few core competencies. These include self-control, empathy, and verbal ability.

Key skills your preschool child needs before entering Primary 1

If your child has successfully been registered to a primary school, congratulations! It’s a big step for both you and your child.