Welcome to The Sunbird Child Development Centre

Our Vision

To help each child discover his/her highest potential.

Our Mission

We nurture all intelligences grounded with ethics through a fusion of a strong academic
curriculum, creative enrichment and hands-on activities. With a dedicated team of professional
preschool teachers, we bring to light your child’s full intellectual, social, physical and creative
potential, transforming them into a budding writer, a fluent reader and a confident speaker.

Our Philosophy

The early years are crucial years for children’s holistic development. We believe that it is
important to nurture all forms of intelligences to lay the foundation for fulfilling children’s
potential. We believe that it is not enough to be just intelligent in many areas but that children
should grow up with good and strong values like love, kindness, respect, commitment, honesty
and courage, to guide them in their life. We believe people in children’s lives make a difference
in the quality of their lives. This is why our teachers are warm and loving and receive special
training and why we believe in working closely with parents in the care and education of

Our Values

Love, Respect, Kindness and Curiosity for Learning.