Partner Operator Centre POP childcare centre

Partner Operator Centre (POP)

A quality preschool can be affordable. Located at Sengkang, The Sunbird Child and Development Centre is a POP-accredited centre offering Childcare programmes for children aged 18 months to 6 years old.

With a dedicated team of professional preschool educators, The Sunbird's comprehensive programme brings to light your child’s full intellectual, social, physical and creative potential, coaching the gradual and sustained development of your child into a budding writer, a fluent reader and a confident speaker.

Playgroup (18 months - 30 months)
Teacher Ratio: 1: 8
The Playgroup Programme aims to help children develop their a) gross motor skills; b) emotional security; c) the foundation for bilingualism in English and Mandarin; and d) a sense of musicality.

Nursery 1 (>30 months - 3 years) 

Teacher Ratio: 1: 12 

The Nursery 1 Programme aims to develop children’s a) gross and fine motor skills; b) emotional security; c) literacy foundation in English and Mandarin, especially in speech; d) musicality and exposure to aesthetics.

Nursery 2 (3 years - 4 years) 

Teacher Ratio: 1: 15
The Nursery II Programme aims to develop children’s gross, fine motor and balancing skills; b) beginning literacy in English and Mandarin; c) musicality; d) beginning problem solving skills; e) foundation of mathematics and science; f) social skills; g) exposure to aesthetics and artistic expression; h) self esteem.

Kindergarten 1 (4 years - 5 years) 

Teacher Ratio: 1: 20

The Kindergarten I Programme aims to develop a) children’s physical abilities; b) literacy in English and Mandarin; c) understanding of key mathematics and science concepts; d) social skills; e) problem solving skills; f) musicality; g) artistic expression; h) good values; i) self-confidence, and j) a love for learning.


Kindergarten 2 (5 years - 6 years) 

Teacher Ratio: 1: 25

The Kindergarten II Programme aims to prepare children for school. Children will develop a)independence skills; b) bilingual skills in English and Mandarin; c) numeracy skills; d) problem solving skills; e) musicality; f) artistic expression; g) good values; h) social skills; i) a good sense of curiosity and j) a sense of creativity and k) a love for learning.