The Teachers and Centre Leader

Our Sunbird teachers and supervisor are loving, responsible and creative. Their teaching experience with young children range from 3 to 30 years. Ms Judy and Zhang Laoshi are past recipients of the Model Workers Award from the Singapore Labour Foundation. Judy was also a nurse before she switched career and this brings added value to the Sunbird.

Our Chinese teachers are native speakers to ensure that children are exposed to and learn good Mandarin. Our teachers are trained beyond the basic training requirement of ECDA, most at the Diploma and even at Degree level. Ms Lay Choo, our supervisor, has a B.ECS. degree in early childhood educaton. She has over 20 years of teaching experience before switching to administrative work.

All teachers and supervisor undergo on-going training by our consultant, including developing their own multiple intelligences as well as nurturing children's multiple intelligences.

Ms Judy
Zhang Laoshi

Wei Laoshi
Lin Laoshi

Ms Carla

Ms Julin


Ms Lay Choo