About Us

The Sunbird Child Development Centre is a private limited company. Its main objective is to provide holistic care, development and education for children from 18 months to 6 years old. The programme at Sunbird is based on a strong foundation of values for living – values that can positively shape the lives of children from childhood through their adult years. These are the values of love, kindness and compassion, integrity, generosity, team-spiritedness, persistence and a love for learning.

Sunbird identifies and nurtures children’s multiple intelligences – starting from where they are - and work with parents to bring these intelligences into fruition.

This is our mission.

This is reflected in the training of our staff, our relationship with the children and parents, the environment we provide and the curriculum we implement.

The Sunbird was founded by Dr Khoo Kim Choo. Principal, Ms Anna Soong, and all Sunbird staff form a dedicated and experienced team committed to children's care, development and education.