Parents are the most important people in the child's life. They are important to us, too.

At the Sunbird, we make sure that we stay connected with parents.



Katie always goes to school with a smile. She says she likes her teachers and enjoys her lessons, especially Chinese. She is now more independent and not so picky about food.
~ Mr & Mrs Ho ~
(Parents of Katie)


We have been part of The Sunbird family for over 8 years. Zhang laoshi, Cheng laoshi and Ms Judy are outstanding teachers. Thank you so much for your responsiveness, attention to detail and support over the years. The repetition of the daily routine built confidence and promoted leadership in both of our children.
~ Adrian and Angela ~
(Parents of Ansel & Andrea)


The teachers are very kind, patient and motherly. They take interest in the development and progress of my child cognitively, as well as her temperament.Thank you teachers, especially to Ms Judy, Zhang laoshi and Luo laoshi.
~ Mr & Mrs Sim ~
(Parents of Yuxi)


We have been thrilled with our experience with Sunbird for the past 1 year. Shaun was slow in adapting to school initially, but at the guidance of Sunbird's patient teachers, we see Shaun flourish in the environment that is supportive, nurturing and rich in learning. We are confident that Shaun will continue to love his time at Sunbird and will be prepared as he enters primary school.
~ Mr & Mrs Koh ~
(Parents of Shaun)